Schneider Launches EcoStruxure Open Automation Platform

Schneider Launches EcoStruxure Open Automation Platform

Oct. 19,2020

Schneider Electric has announced its vision for open Automation, and for the first time launched its new software-centric EcoStruxure Open Automation platform for industrial automation.

As a global expert on digital transformation in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is leading a broad push of open automation standards and a new wave of innovation.

New open automation platform
Ushering in the era of "software-driven automation"

● EcoStruxure™ Automation Expert launched softwarecentric EcoStruxure™ Automation Expert

● Shi called on the industry to widely adopt open automation standards to achieve "open automation", thereby stimulating collaborative innovation and improving efficiency, productivity, flexibility and sustainability in the industry

● Plug and go solutions for systems engineering bring higher return on investment for automation platforms

At present, the field of industrial operation is undergoing a disruptive change.Thanks to advances in technologies as diverse as machine learning, augmented reality, real-time analysis and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial companies and manufacturers are poised to meet the demand for agility and digitalization in this era.

However, in the process of realizing the industry 4.0 vision, all kinds of closed and proprietary automation platforms form a certain barrier to efficiency, which is not conducive to the integration of diversified automation systems, and the cost of upgrading and maintenance is high.The industry has been plagued by a lack of adaptability, modularity, and interoperability, and these problems have hampered innovation in the industry.

EcoStruxture Open Automation Platform
A new automation system centered on software

Now is the time for bold action in industrial automation.It is time for industrial users, vendors, Oems, systems integrators and EPC vendors across the industry to embrace open automation.

Now is the time for bold action in industrial automation.It is time for industrial users, vendors, Oems, systems integrators and EPC vendors across the industry to embrace open automation.

What is open automation

Open automation is a system of plug-and-produce automation software components based on the IEC61499 standard that solves specific customer problems in a proven way.The adoption of iEC61499-based standards in the automation layer will create unlimited opportunities for the development and upgrading of the entire industry.

Schneider Electric believes that by significantly expanding the functionality of the existing system based on THE IEC61131 and selling automation software components in an app Store model.In addition, as the benefits become apparent, other manufacturers will adopt open automation methods to form an ecosystem of collaborative innovation and provide more competitive products to end users.

EcoStruxure Open Automation Platform
Industrial operation revolution

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Open Automation platform can realize the vision of open automation.This is an open automation product based on the IEC61499 standard, which ushered in the era of software-driven automation and interoperable industrial automation.

"The IT community has woken up to the many benefits of open operating platforms, and now the industry has woken up too.Traditional industrial automation architectures have contributed to today's industrial domains, but they do not provide the agility and resilience that are critical to modern industrial operations.To fully realize the vision of the fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to reimagine the technology model, open up the platform, decouple the software from the hardware, and radically improve the agility and scalability of the system."-- Eric Hovik, schneider Electric's global executive vice President and head of industrial automation

EcoStruxure Open Automation platform is a new industrial automation system with IEC61499 as the core. It has the following advantages:

1. Enable automated applications to be built using asset-centric, portable, and proven software components without relying on the underlying hardware infrastructure;

2. Users can distribute applications to any system hardware architecture (highly distributed, centralized, or both) of their choice that supports IEC 61499 without additional programming effort;

3. Support proven software best practices to simplify the creation of automated applications that interact with IT systems.

EcoStruxure Open Automation platform supports traditional automation platforms such as Modicon™ PLC, Altivar™ inverter, and PC.Implementing complex multi-driver control algorithms can be programmed and assigned to the driver controller.In addition, it includes a virtualization software controller that runs in a Docker® installed Linux container to support distributed information and control systems across edge computing architectures.

Taking advantage of the object-oriented nature of IEC61499, the system combines real-time control functions with other aspects, such as human-machine interfaces, and models assets using software components called composite Automation Types (CAT).This asset-centric approach improves cost and performance to unprecedented levels and eliminates duplication of effort across tools, freeing engineers to innovate better.The EcoStruxure open automation platform takes two to seven times less time to perform traditional automation tasks than today's benchmarks for automation systems.

EcoStruxure Open Automation platform supports mainstream IT best practices and USES advanced technologies such as predictive maintenance and digital twinage to achieve step improvement in asset efficiency and labor efficiency.In addition, by combining traditional systems with a "precipitation and reuse" approach, the system reduces the total cost of ownership.

"EcoStruxure Open Automation platform is the first step to open automation," said Fabrice Jadot, Schneider Electric Global Senior Vice President and Head of next-generation Automation.To give full play to the potential of the next generation of industries, it is necessary to adopt a new mode of thinking.Compliance with common, open standards is critical to ensuring multi-vendor interoperability and seamless connectivity throughout the supply chain from manufacturing to production to the end customer.

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