ABB's new factory in Shanghai will use AI technology to optimize robot manufacturing quality control

ABB's new factory in Shanghai will use AI technology to optimize robot manufacturing quality control

Jul. 16,2020

An shiming, President of ABB's robotics and discrete automation division, delivers a speech at the world artificial intelligence conference (WAIC) held July 9-11 in Shanghai, China.

"The COVID-19 virus is the most important catalyst for industrial change in our time, forcing our customers to reassess their own development priorities," An said in his keynote speech at the Industry Development Plenary.World blockade and actions designed to control the spread of the virus itself does not cause any new development trend, but it appeared or accelerate and promote the four existing industry characteristics and trend of development, namely, personalized consumption prevailed, growing labor shortages, increased uncertainty and digital speed, in the long run, these trends will fundamentally change the face of the manufacturing sector."

"AI enabled robotics and automation offer a variety of solutions to help customers better respond to these long-term trends that are intensifying in the global epidemic environment and seize development opportunities," Mr An said.

Mr. An Shared ABB's innovative developments in ai robotics solution development, including: fully flexible automotive factory solutions, where any area can seamlessly switch and produce any type of vehicle, such as new energy vehicles, hybrid vehicles or petrol-powered vehicles;A research project to assess how artificial intelligence can help humans interact with robots through natural voice commands.ABB other artificial intelligence research project also covers how to use the robot of artificial intelligence technology to help learn by real-time test and to improve efficiency of order fulfillment center picking and packing, and the Shanghai municipal government in response to 2019 living garbage recycling initiative, waste classification and huawei to develop artificial intelligence solution.

Last September, ABB began building its new state-of-the-art robot factory in Shanghai.When completed in 2021, the new plant will set up a strong RESEARCH and development center to accelerate innovation in artificial intelligence.In addition, the new plant will use artificial intelligence to optimize the quality control of robot manufacturing, which is to achieve continuous high-quality production through ARTIFICIAL intelligence and ensure that every product out of the factory is flawless.

To accelerate technological innovation and ensure that AI becomes an integral part of robotics solutions, ABB has also partnered with industry leaders such as Huawei, Microsoft, Huihe and Ericsson, world-class universities and numerous global start-ups to build a global innovation ecosystem.

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