Industrial metaverse: Looking into the future shape of intelligent manufacturing

Industrial metaverse: Looking into the future shape of intelligent manufacturing

Apr. 02,2022

On February 4, 2022, the stock price of Meta, a company with a comprehensive layout of the "meta-universe", plunged 26% on the day of the disclosure of earnings information, which recorded the largest market value decline in the HISTORY of the US stock market, with the market value falling by over 237 billion DOLLARS.On Feb. 16, Roblox, the first stock in the meta-universe, saw its shares fall 15% in after-hours trading, shaving about $50 billion off its market value.In the past year, the capital market for the concept of the meta-universe from hot to cool, investors also realized that there is a big gap between the concept of the meta-universe and reality.Ccid Consultant intelligent Manufacturing Research Center believes that the transformation of the metasomes from concept to application still needs enterprises and scientific research institutions to constantly try to promote the basic technology and key equipment to continue to iterate and update, mining more application scenarios.In particular, the application of metacosmic related technologies in the industrial field will empower each scene of the life cycle of industrial products, effectively promote the intelligent upgrade in the industrial field, and its application value will be far greater than that in the consumer field.

1. Industrial meta-universe "virtual reality synergy" is the future form of intelligent manufacturing

(I) How to understand the industrial metaverse?

Industrial yuan the universe namely yuan technology applied in industry, the real industrial environment, research and development design, production, marketing, sales, after-sales service and scenes in a virtual space to realize the comprehensive deployment, by through virtual space and realistic space industry improvement and optimization, the formation of new manufacturing and service system,To reduce costs, improve production efficiency, efficient synergistic effect, promote high-quality industrial development.

(II) Realizing "Virtual and Real Synergy" from virtual to Real in industrial Metauniverse.

The industrial metaverse is similar to the concept of "digital twin". The difference between the two is that digital twin is the 1:1 mapping of the real world to the virtual world. The industrial production in the real world is simulated through the control of production process and production equipment in the virtual world.The industrial meta-universe is more imaginative than the digital twin. The virtual world reflected by the industrial meta-universe not only has the mapping of the real world, but also has the experience and interaction that has not been realized or even cannot be realized in the real world.In addition, the industrial metaverse pays more attention to the synergy between virtual space and real space, so as to realize virtual operation guiding real industry.

(III) Industrial meta-universe to promote the comprehensive upgrade of intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing, based on the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, runs through all links of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management and service. It is a new mode of production that is committed to promoting the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.Industrial yuan universe are more like the future of intelligent manufacturing, virtual space and realistic space to promote the linkage as the main means, more emphasis on in the virtual space mapping, broaden the entity industry can achieve operation, through simulation in virtual space to work together, efficient operation, operation instruction entity industry assigned to each link, scene,So that industrial enterprises to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, improve production efficiency, promote efficient coordination within enterprises and between enterprises, help industrial high-quality development, to achieve further upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.

2. Looking to the future, the application scenarios of the industrial metauniverse will realize the full life cycle coverage of products

Most of the current industrial metaverse cases are closer to the application of "digital twin" technology.Looking to the future, the application scenarios of the industrial metasomes will cover the whole product life cycle from research and development to after-sales service, guiding and promoting industrial process optimization and efficiency improvement from "virtual" to "real".The possible application scenarios of industrial metasomes are expected from the following aspects: R&D and design, production optimization, equipment operation and maintenance, product testing, and skill training.

(I) R&D and design

Compared with the current use of industrial software for product design, the application of industrial metauniverse technology will improve the efficiency of product development and reduce the cost of product development to a greater extent.In terms of product design, the industrial metauniverse platform can control the environmental factors of product application, and make intuitive and accurate simulation of the action mode of each part of the product based on the product model designed in the industrial metauniverse platform, which can effectively verify the product performance.In terms of collaborative design, the Industrial Metauniverse can break the geographical restrictions and support multi-party collaborative design. Users can also participate in product design and experience the products designed by the industrial metauniverse platform.In terms of user experience, product development on the industrial metauniverse platform is closer to user needs and can enhance user experience to a greater extent through the deep participation of users.

(II) Production optimization

Through the industrial metauniverse platform, it can experience the construction and operation process of virtual intelligent factory in an immersive way, and interact with the equipment and production line in the virtual intelligent factory in real time, so as to optimize the production process and carry out intelligent production scheduling more intuitively and conveniently.In the early stage of the construction of intelligent factory, the industrial meta-universe platform can be used to build virtual intelligent factory which is consistent with the building structure, production line layout, production process and equipment structure of the real intelligent factory, so as to realize the rationality of capacity configuration, equipment structure and personnel movement line in advance.Any change in the production process of intelligent factory can be simulated in virtual intelligent factory to predict the production state and optimize the production process.For example, BMW and Nvidia are working together on virtual factories. BMW's introduction of Nvidia's Omniverse platform to coordinate production at 31 factories is expected to improve the efficiency of BMW's production planning by 30%.

(III) Equipment operation and maintenance

Compared with the predictive maintenance based on big data analysis at the present stage, equipment operation and maintenance based on industrial meta-universe can break the space limitation and effectively improve the response efficiency and service quality of equipment operation and maintenance.In the virtual space established by the industrial metauniverse platform, operation and maintenance personnel will not be limited by the region, when the production equipment has problems, they can realize the remote real-time confirmation of the equipment situation, and timely repair problems.For difficult and complex equipment problems, the industrial metauniverse platform can bring together experts from all over the world to discuss solutions and improve production efficiency.

(IV) Product testing

For products with high application standards and complex testing requirements, the industrial metauniverse can provide a virtual environment for experimental verification and product performance testing.Through the combination of virtual and real, the simultaneous testing of physical space and virtual space can be realized, and the internal and external changes of products can be more intuitively felt, and the efficiency and accuracy of testing and certification can be improved.For example, compared with consumer chip products, vehicle AI chips have complex functional design due to variable working environment, high safety requirements, and rigorous research and development, testing and certification processes, which need to meet a number of international and domestic industry standards.Industrial metasexes can provide virtual testing space for vehicle AI chips. Engineers can test the vehicle AI chips at a lower cost, and can also simulate and experience autonomous vehicles equipped with AI chips to improve the testing and certification efficiency of vehicle AI chips.

(V) Skill training

Industrial metauniverse can effectively improve the efficiency of teaching and training, provide virtual equipment for colleges and universities, enterprises and other organizations to train students and staff professional skills, so that students can operate production equipment more intuitively.At the same time, for extreme special situations such as earthquake and fire, virtual space can be built through the industrial metauniverse platform for relevant personnel to exercise escape routes and test accident handling methods.

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